YouTube won’t release ‘Rewind’ video for the year 2020

Google-owned platform-YouTube’s annual rewind video has become a tradition for social media, but the video streaming platform has decided to take a break from it in 2020.

YouTube closed every ear with a ‘Rewind video’ that takes back at all the viral moments, major trends and popular content creators. 2020 has been a terrible year and YouTube wants to forget it. That’s why there will be no YouTube Rewind this year.

YouTube started creating Rewind video every year from the year 2010, but this year 2020 YouTube decided to skip as it has been very bad according to YouTube and it doesn’t want us to remember.

YouTube announced it decided in a simple tweet, acknowledging that good things “did happen in 2020,” but that “2020 has been so different,” and that “it doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t.”

The decision doesn’t come totally out of the blue, as the possibility had been discussed openly. However, reactions to the news have been missed, with some people criticizing YouTube for not finding enough of the good things that happened in 2020 and others applauding the decision.

Calling it a bad idea, a user wrote “idk but this seems so dumb. So many creators exploded this year and because everyone was inside people watched more YouTube. I feel like a YouTube rewind would be good.”

According to me, YouTube cancelled to create rewind video this year is because, this year lot of YouTubers got highest views and that brought YouTube in a confusion and that made them brought to a decision to not launch the rewind video this year.

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