Flipkart acquires AR based platform Scapic to enhance shopping experience

The Flipkart Group, announced on Tuesday that they have acquired Scapic-an augmented reality start-up, to enhance shopping experience. With that, the Indian homegrown e-commerce platform will acquire 100% stake at an undisclosed amount in Scapic.

On that note, Scapic team of developers and designers will work towards accelerating the e-commerce huge efforts to provide deeper camera experiences, virtual storefront and new opportunities for brand advertising on the platform.

“At the Flipkart Group we are focused on providing Indian consumers experiences that make shopping online a seamless and more enjoyable experience.” Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO of Flipkart Group said in a press statement.

He also added, “This year has accelerated online adoption, be it education, communication or shopping, as people prioritise health and safety. As we make investments that focus on developing and nurturing the retail ecosystem, we are also committed to making our platform easier o navigate and richer for consumers in terms of content and experience. I welcome the Scapic team to Flipkart as we continue our efforts to provide deeper value to our customers.”

The three-year-old start-up had raised $500,000 in its seed round of funding from Axilor, Speciale Invest, and Newfort Capital in January 2018.

This is the second acquisition by Flipkart in November. Earlier this month, Flipkart acquired Bengaluru-based mobile gaming start-up Mecha Mocha for an undisclosed valuation to strengthen its faray into the gaming segment. With this deal, Flipkart has acquired the intellectual Property of Mecha Mocha and the team.

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