Who is Kapil Dev ? Who is Mahendra Singh Dhoni ? an Indian can never forget these two names as they are the captains who brought India a world Cup with their awesome master plans through out the tournament. Kapil Dev is the first Indian to win a World cup for India (1983) and after 28 years of waiting, MS Dhoni brought us the only India’s second World Cup and he filled the dreams of the legendary Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

The two World cup winning captains landed in Kolkata for a commercial shoot, not only them, one of the most successful Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly played the perfect host at Eden Gardens on Thursday. It was a great moment to watch the former Legend of the bowling to India’s current Legend MS Dhoni. They both spent the whole day bowling and batting as per the shooting requirements.

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First, it was Kapil who was seen bowling to Dhoni. Then, as the film rolled, it was a role reversal with the legendary wicket-keeper rolling his arms to the 1983 World Cup winning captain in the ad sequence of 33 seconds. Every Indian could witness the very rare moment of watching three greatest captains of Indian Cricket in a single frame.

Noted filmmaker-actor Arindam Sil, directing his first television ad, seemed elated, filled with nostalgia.”It is a dream come true. I have been a fan of these two great cricketers since long. I loved it so much to watch them play. And now to direct them during a game of cricket, and that too, at the hallowed Eden Gardens, that’s something I will cherish forever,” said Sil

The film maker talked about Dhoni

“He was always smiling and seemed very pally with the kids. He gave them tips on playing aggressively, on what is the best stance,” said Sil.

Watch Kapil Dev bowling to Dhoni 


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