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The team knows how to win says Virat Kohli


The whole cricketing world is waiting for the thrilling series between INdia and South Africa. Team India achieved so many great things under Virat Kohli in a shorter time. But it would be a challenge for Virat Kohli to show his captaincy skills in South African soil where Team India have never won a test series since 1992.

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Kohli Takes a Dig at MS Dhoni ? 

“As you rightly mentioned, lot of our players have played here before. But what he [Ravi Shastri] mentioned was the number of games that we had played back then, compared to now, and where we stand in understanding our own games, is something that has come a long way in the last four years. From a personal point of view, I know my game much better. I’ve had many highs and lows after that (the last series in South Africa),” Kohli said on Saturday (December 30).

Kohli went on to claim that the current side is more comfortable than the one which toured South Africa in 2013. Kohli also said he knows how to win. 

“But right now the team is very comfortable with where we stand, individually as our personal skill-sets, plus as a team – we know exactly what we need to do if we need to bounce back from a certain situation, how we need to do it, or if we want to create chances, how we need to create them. I think there is a sense of intelligence and awareness that has crept in in the last four years and that provides the excitement that we’re talking about. We know exactly what we need to do come game time on January 5. It’s not like we’re going to go out there and explore.. let’s see what happens. We’re not in that frame of mind. We know how to win Test matches now and that’s very good habit and knowledge to have, and we’re just preparing the best to execute those skill-sets again,” said Virat Kohli.


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