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When you are playing for country, you have to do your job, Says Dhawan


It was a bad test match for Delhi as their has a problem of Pollution and it affected the Sri Lankan players badly. On the second day of India’s final test, the match was stopped due to the Air Pollution and it was the first time cricket witnessed an incident like that in it’s history. Lankan players faced it by wearing masks and so many former cricketer and fans blamed them by calling it as their ‘Drama’ to waste time.

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Delhi is not the cleanest when it comes to pollution levels and that is a very well known fact. However, Dhawan feels that as cricketers, it is their duty to focus only on the game and not let anything come in the way of their game.

Mohammed Shami is absolutely fine

“This is the time of crop harvesting in some of the states and this month the pollution has been a wee bit more. Also this time, we haven’t experienced good sunshine. May be if there was sunshine, pollution would have been less. I don’t think playing cricket was a problem. As far as (Mohammed) Shami is concerned, he is fine and you will see him in action tomorrow,” said Shikhar Dhawan.

When you are playing for country, you have to do your job

“There are a lot of players in our team who are not used to this pollution thing in Delhi as they come from other states. But if you have been assigned a job (to play), you can’t let anything come in its way. That’s my thinking because not everyone in our team is from Delhi. The situation is same for them also,” quoted the Indian opener.

“If you are playing in Delhi at some other point of time, the pollution won’t affect you. I would never say that there is no pollution in Delhi. Of course there is pollution, but during the winters as there is a lot of smog, so whatever the situation is, we need to adjust accordingly. When you are playing for country, you have to do your job,” he added

About Sri Lankan players

“May be they are uncomfortable. May be there is less pollution in Sri Lanka. There are more beaches in Sri Lanka. It’s natural that a city surrounded by beaches won’t have pollution. As I said, I won’t hide that there is pollution in Delhi. Now if it’s there, it’s there. But still I would insist that we should do our duty – that is to play cricket,” conceded Dhawan.


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